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Konfido Wealth stock market


We Are Konfido Advisors wealth drivers since 2003

Konfido Syndicate is an investment conglomerate that offers unrivaled wealth management and consulting services to business houses, high net-worth individuals (HNI's), and Fortune 500s.


Our team of experienced professionals have a deep understanding of the financial markets and use the latest technologies to research and create sound investment plans that meet the specific needs of our clients.


We work closely with our clients, providing them with expert advice and support so they can achieve their financial goals.

Our ambitions are long term, we drive our objectives with our sound exploration, latest technologies and a solid market threshold erudition.

Established in 2003, we have been smelted by fine market (economics) and coarse ones. Today we have moulded into thoroughbreds offering superlative solutions to our patrons.


We have journeyed jointly with one thousand eight hundred clients and counting They are business houses, HNI’s UHNI’s and Fortune 500s. We have endowed on them their profound financial sovereignty.

Core Values

Strong Domain knowledge and a well-organised operating process reflect our core values. We get into the depth of our client's goals and strategize based on what best we can offer to them.

Konfido- Wealth management company
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Our Vision

To be a trusted partner to all our customers and respected globally as Leaders in Wealth Management by maintaining the highest percentage of Consistency and Quality in our Services


Our Mission

To add purpose and value with active wealth management to help our clients reach their long-term financial goals

Sathya Devaraj

“Strategy is not a fancy business jargon; it is clarity that sees beyond immediate tactical accomplishments”

“A Good Operation and a Great One have just one difference. The Great One balances people, performance and stakeholder expectations without compromising on either”

Sathya Devaraj

Sathya Devaraj

Over the last few decades, it indeed has been very refreshing to see women taking up leadership roles and setting an example as Entrepreneurs and Founders. Proving this brilliantly has been Sathya Devaraj, a talented entrepreneur with a Vision and Exceptional Knowledge, and exceptional leadership qualities.

With a Bachelor’s Degree to her credit, Sathya began her illustrious career as a Designer before pursuing PR. Her immense liking for the financial sector and its niches coupled with her passion to know more about Economics and Statistics, helped her start her journey into exploring the Financial sector in greater depth.

Her time spent with some of the leading Banks like ABN AMRO and DBS and the experience gained prompted her to start something exciting of her own as she venture into the domain of Wealth Management.

Sound and Solid experience of over 17 years saw her launch Konfido, an organization with like-minded and enthusiastic individuals, keen to make a difference in people’s lives through Wealth Management Programs.

Sathya made the most of every opportunity that came by and the result of her determination and hard work today can be seen reflected in the steady and rapid progress of Konfido.

The organization encapsulates all-important nuances of investments and solutions. Some of the prolific services offered by Konfido include exemplary guidance and counseling on Mutual Funds, Insurance, Real Estate, SME Credit and Finance, Investment Banking, and Private Equity and Portfolio Advisory, among others.

Being a go-getter with a fierce determination to succeed, Sathya Devaraj believes that a strong will to succeed can help individuals reach greater heights in their career and profession.

Sathya is highly adaptable to innovations. Being creative and passionate about her job, she is of the firm opinion that many of life’s failures are reflected in those people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

She possesses a keen eye for detail and firmly believes that meticulous planning and a never say die attitude can make dreams come true

As featured on
Women Entrepreneur India

Female leadership has showcased a significant presence in finance over the last few years. In India, several successful women professionals are playing critical roles in shaping the country's wealth management sector. Although we are currently witnessing more welcoming gestures for female professionals in the industry, the scenario was not the same a decade ago. Coming a long way through her passion and dedication, Sathya Devaraj forayed into wealth management in 2003, despite being graduating as a designer. She is currently spearheading Konfido Advisors as the Director...

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